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Richard Harris

Narrative Finance. How narratives move markets. Narratives are the voice of the markets - listen, learn, & develop future scenarios. The 3 minute PhD. One slide, one film. Film: youtu.be/5aYA9i0JaBk @CNBC @business @BBCBusiness @nytimes @CranfieldUni @SCMPNews @CNBCi @FT pic.twitter.com/6TJ9zKTWtz

Writings/ Broadcastings

Donald Trump emerges as the Buckpasser-in-Chief.

We can be sure that Donald Trump’s Presidential desk will not be carrying the sign, “the buck stops here’’ in the SCMP:     Investors own their mistakes     “The buck stops here” was a sign on President Harry Truman’s desk indicating that whatever blame there was to be handed around – it all…

There’s Life in China markets – Bloomberg TV, 16 Aug 16

Bloomberg 16 Aug 16 Richard Harris, chief executive officer at Port Shelter Investment Management, discusses the Chinese markets, emerging market bonds and why he’s avoiding the bond market. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Yvonne Man on “Asia Edge.” (Source: Bloomberg)  

Case Studies

Penetrating the London Fog

Global model portfolios for global people Background: An Investment Manager had a billion dollar book of private clients who were located offshore and administered through the Channel Islands back office. Situation: The clients located all around the world had come to the Manager initially through the acquisition of a UK-centred unit of a large bank,…

A case of mis-selling

Background: The client had been involved in a mis-selling case with a large bank. Situation: The client’s portfolio made substantial losses, despite her being given the impression that her account was protected from substantial losses. Action: A detailed report was written outlining what had been done and what should have been done by the bank. …