Expert Witness Case Studies

A case of mis-selling100 T Zim$ front

The client had been involved in a mis-selling case with a large bank. The client’s portfolio made substantial losses, despite her being given the impression that her account was protected from substantial losses. … more

A very Private (Equity) ProblemSG city

All he wanted was his money back even though his risk to heavy losses had been high and the advice he received was … more

A Very Tricky Clientcartoon techno

The client had a portfolio of hedge funds managed on a discretionary basis by a large bank.  The portfolio had lost money and the bank was being accused of … more


Complex Derivatives underwater

A large corporate had lost a great deal taking a view on the markets computer screen calcsusing highly volatile accumulators structured from derivatives.  The company made substantial losses … more

 A Japanese Puzzle

HK High Court

The client was accused of unauthorised sale of securities by an investor.  The Client was facing a suit from an investor claiming that some elderly …. more