Expert Witness Introduction

Expert Witness Introduction

Port Shelter Ltd. provides Richard Harris and a number of other seasoned experts HK_Central_Statue_Square_Legislative_Council_Building_n_Themis_sto review evidence for financial legal cases. Mr. Harris is one of the foremost independent Financial Experts in the Asian region. 

In some cases, no single Expert is able to cover every detailed aspect of the case, so – in combination with our other Experts –  we can bring a wider range of disciplines to review the evidence. Our Experts may peer review each others work (if necessary and if approved by the appointment) to reduce the “lone-wolf” phenomenon that can shadow the role of an independent Expert.  This can produce a Court testimony that not only is complete but fronted by an expert who is experienced in testifying.

We also recommend or work alongside Experts in other fields, such as investigators, forensic accountants and liquidators.  We look very favourably on narrowing down expert opinion on a case by attending an expert caucus or through the “hot-tubbing process.”

We have covered a wide range of financial issues as Experts since 2008.  These include financial disputes regarding investment advice or trading issues; to highly complex synthetic derivative cases. We have been regularly appointed by a securities regulator in the last six years and have a great deal of experience of analysing evidence in the field of market misconduct, such as insider trading, mis-selling and misuse of information.

Port Shelter has reviewed the cases of both Plaintiffs and Defendants, in civil and criminal disputes, involving employment contracts, shareholder agreements, loan documents, disputes between banks and clients, setting of pricing, and determination of quantum (which may incorporate both actual and implied market data).

We have given evidence in Court in Singapore and Hong Kong. This has included an intense hearing where Richard harris was cross-examined over three days by no less than six Senior Counsels (equivalent to Queen’s Counsels).  Richard has strong links in London as he worked for 13 years in licensed positions in the City.  Evidence has been given in cases for counsel in Tokyo and New York. As well as providing evidence in Court and Tribunal, we can also appear in Arbitration and Mediation cases.

We place a good deal of importance on training – Richard Harris is a Practising Member of the Academy of Experts and has completed training given by the Academy, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre training in Arbitration, the Australian Advocacy Institute (Monash University), and training in Mediation by ADR (International). We also provide training about experts to lawyers and other professional bodies.

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We typically appear as Independent Experts – but we can also act as a ‘dirty witness’ / expert adviser to a particular side.  A clear declaration of how an expert is operating and over what periods of time is always provided to the Court.

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