Disputes – shareholder, employee, loan and credit …

Disputes – shareholder, employee, loan and credit …


Disputes are an unfortunate part of the business process.  In the role as Financial Expert Witnesses, we can review evidence regarding disputes for the Courts, or indeed work as an adviser to either side to help to determine the key facts of a case.

Our experience through our expert team encompasses the investment industry, trading, technology and banking.  We have business backgrounds as entrepreneurs which combined delivers a unique appreciation of mixed discipline disputes.

No Expert can always cover all aspects of a case -even in his chosen areas so, if agreed in sensitive cases, we will have our reports peer reviewed or co-authored.   However, there will always be only one individual designated as the Expert for Court purposes.

We can review shareholding disputes that (say) may occur between family members, or other issues concerning shareholdings, corporate allocations, trading of shares, or basically any dispute regarding shareholdings and shareholding structures.

Tight regulation is pitting employee against financial employer and we can be appointed on either side to provide a balanced view on the evidence.

Disputes over lending, commissions, fees and other financial transactions are also contained in our portfolio of successful case appointments.

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