About our Experts

Richard Harris

Richard is one of the few full-time, independent financial expert witnesses in banking, corporate securities, trading, derivatives, client/bank disputes and market misconduct.

His strategy is to stay ‘current’ by spending half of his time in the investment markets and half in providing financial expert evidence.

Richard Harris – financial expert, short CV    Adobe_PDF_file_icon

Richard Harris – financial expert, full curriculum vitae   Adobe_PDF_file_icon

Mr. Harris has been appointed to provide research reports and Court evidence for a wide range of complex financial litigation and arbitration cases from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the US.  He is also available for cases in Australia, Dubai and especially London, for he worked in the City for 12 years.

Richard has reviewed the cases of both Plaintiffs and Defendants, in civil and criminal disputes, including those involving synthetic derivatives, insider trading, mis-selling, misuse of information, employment contracts, shareholder agreements, loan documents, disputes between banks and clients, setting of pricing, and determination of quantum.

He has a great deal of experience of sifting evidence in the field of market misconduct, frequently being appointed by the Regulators – or indeed (to prove his independence) appointed by the defendants.  He is also able to bring in or work alongside other experts, such as forensic accountants and liquidators.  Richard is a Practising Member of the Academy of Experts.

A recent 30,000 word report for a client using a sub-expert was completed in record time ready for a High Court hearing.  Richard acted as the lead expert taking on the full testifying responsibility of the work of any sub-experts.  If appropriate, the sub-expert may take the leading role.


Sub-experts who we work with:

1. Debt securities expert witness

2. Trading technology expert, high frequency trading and algorithms

3. Commercial banking expert witness

4. Quantitative trading expert

5. Markets trading specialist

6. Chief Financial Officer

7. Securities analytical team

8. Specific links with forensic accountants

9. Relationship shared with an expert agency who can provide experts in other fields and other jurisdictions (e.g. construction, medical)