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Latest news from my friends at East Capital – China Environmental Fund. The through train has arrived. Shenzhen-HK Stock Connect is here!  

There’s Life in China markets – Bloomberg TV, 16 Aug 16

Bloomberg 16 Aug 16 Richard Harris, chief executive officer at Port Shelter Investment Management, discusses the Chinese markets, emerging market bonds and why he’s avoiding the bond market. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Yvonne Man on “Asia Edge.” (Source: Bloomberg)  

Fed is like a second-rate hedge fund manager

CNBC 9 August 2016 The Fed, which will likely hike rates once this year, is focusing too much on being data-dependent,says Port Shelter Investment Management’s Richard Harris.   Fed governors are out of control

After the Breakup, the Reconciliation

Cry my Beloved Country published in the South China Morning Post:   After the break-up.   Vote Leave narrowly won the Brexit referendum and “regained control over the economy”. Control over the stock markets (which have crashed), control over the Gilt markets (UK 10 year bond yields plumbed an all time low of less than…

Brexit – the game is not over…

Richard Harris, Port Shelter Investment Management’s chief executive officer, discusses the fallout from the Brexit vote with Bloomberg’s Yvonne Man on “Daybreak Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The ABC’s of Free Trade. The Treaties that Tie.

From the ‘Belt and Road’, to TPP, AIIB, and numerous others – an alphabet soup of geopolitical initiatives have kept Asian leaders busy travelling. The geopolitical initiative is having more comebacks than Frank Sinatra.   First up is “the Belt and Road” – of which the Belt is a proposed highway retracing the trading path of…