Port Shelter is a consulting investment management firm that provides high quality advice to institutional and private clients based on experience of over 40 years in Asia.  We are always happy to address new situations, initially on a complementary basis and have an excellent record of providing solutions.

We can provide:

1. a Chief Investment Officer service

2. investment strategy, thinking, writing and presentations/conferences, intensive roadshows.

3. assist those with an interest in expanding into China and Asia;

4. advise those looking to develop regulated investment management businesses from the Pacific Region into the international arena.

5. act as strategy, development and execution director for a project; we think fast and make decisions based on experience, that can save you time and money.

6. consult on investment and wealth management issues from a senior management or a client perspective. A useful addition to a consulting / accounting / investigation / legal team

Richard Harris

Richard Harris is a pioneer of the asset management industry in Asia – having been working in the region since 1978.  Within that period, he also gained over 15 years of experience in Europe, China and the United States.

He is a quintessential Chief Investment Officer with seasoned expertise in the core functions of Asset Allocation, Investment and Manager Selection, Portfolio Construction and inevitably the Risk Analysis of such portfolios.  It is the elegant combination of these factors that provide lasting performance in investment.  He is a seasoned and entertaining public speaker and an effective intensely-packed roadshow performer.

His speciality is in the strategy and execution of investment management business building, having had “hands-on” establishment of investment management businesses all over Asia, as well as Europe, the offshore markets and the US.

Mr. Harris has significant executive and non-executive Board experience and is available for these positions within a consulting role.

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Richard Harris and his network of specialised experts have many decades of investment business building experience in Asia.

Richard’s strategy is to spend about half his time in the investment world and half as an expert – to remain current. To that end, Mr. Harris is fully licenced by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission as a Director and is a Responsible Officer for, East Capital, a blue-chip European fund management firm.

We advise investment managers and private banks on their business strategies regarding Chief Investment Officer duties on: entering the Asian markets, local regulation,  how to market your products and in the solution of complex challenges.  We are constantly involved in advising entrepreneurial ventures in the investment management and banking industries. if necessary, we will get our hands dirty in the execution of a plan.Rich CNBC May 16

The investment side provides the freshness and currency to the expert advice.  The expert advice provides a continuing analytical discipline that helps to interpret market movements.  On the investment side (and you can read in depth here), we are one of the leading commentators in Asia on global financial markets, and are quoted in the press and media several times a week.

Investment Management Services

You may also be interested in learning more through our investment case studies.

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Port Shelter Ltd. does not carry out regulated financial activities.  We provide consulting for business solutions and strategy advice to the media. Richard Harris is regulated through the Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong as a Director of and Responsible Officer for East Capital Asia, engaged in dealing, advisory and asset management activities.


About Richard

Richard Harris is a pioneer of the Asian Investment Management markets, with nearly 40 years experience. It is 46 years since he first arrived in Asia, within which he has 16 years in Europe. He has global multi-cultural contacts and a long-term financial professional… Learn More

What People Say…

“He is well versed in financial markets and regulation and a strong presenter and communicator of complex issues.”

– Simon Potter, CEO BoxRED BSP

“Richard has excellent insights into the markets and future trends. A true expert in his field.”

– Steven Freeland, Professor of International Law, Western Sydney University

“(Richard has a) discerning eye for other people’s gifts and talents… and in empowering them to perform at the highest level”

– Nicholas Appel, Principal, Global Metal Sources

“He is a dynamic leader and business builder; held in high regard by his peers.”

– Mark Mullan, Principal Origin8, San Francisco

“He is authoritative, articulate – and has a nice turn of phrase!”

– Bryan Curis, ex Head RTHK English; Bloomberg Radio Asia

“A man of great integrity with a wide network of contacts in Asia.”

– Chris Rollason, MD Stratagem Associates, Asia

“The Expert evidence came from Mr Richard Harris, who was both expert and independent”

– Mr Justic Coomaraswamy – Suit 322 of 2013 Singapore High Court. Public Document

“Richard is one of the most extensively experienced executives in asset and wealth management in Asia”

– Danny Howell, Managing Director, Head of Offshore Wealth