Fed is like a second-rate hedge fund manager

CNBC 9 August 2016 The Fed, which will likely hike rates once this year, is focusing too much on being data-dependent,says Port Shelter Investment Management’s Richard Harris.   Fed governors are out of control

Brexit might not happen

  There’s a possibility that the U.K. parliament might vote against leaving the EU, explains Port Shelter Investment Management’s Richard Harris. CNBC Asia interview 4 July 2016.   Watch here:    Brexit might not happen

Steel Storm. Steely Trading

China is widely blamed for the massive lay-offs in the industry worldwide and its competitors are imposing heavy dumping duties on its products.  How China handles that positioning will influence how protectionist the world becomes. published in the South China Morning Post.          Download article The US Department of Commerce is proposing…

Vital Signs. Flatlining World Economies – need Intensive Care

Relationship between growth and interest rates breaks down once rates fall below 2 per cent, and policymakers don’t have the cure published in South China Morning Post.  Flatlining vital signs are not good, download Doctors carry out triage on patients by checking the vital signs as to who can be saved or who can’t. Investors…