My Rugby Career – having a ball for 53 years!

My Rugby Career – having a ball for 53 years!
Rich and Chavanduka's 1968
Zimbabwe 1968, aged 12, place kicking over a tree with the Chavunduka boys

It is the feeling when I first pull on the rugby jersey at the first game of the season where I think, “Damn, I’m hard” that makes me carry on. These days it takes longer to get kitted up than to play.  Pasted with Vaseline, bound up with tape and strapping, and pumped up by the pre-match talk; I put my ‘game face’ on – or at least fake it.

That Corinthian Spirit is usually shattered by the pain of the first tackle. After a few matches, I am usually bruised, bashed, battered and broken but I have no regrets – the sheer impersonality of the bumps means that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I was younger (see below) I felt that if I did not come off the pitch bleeding than I had not had a good game. Nowadays I feel faint at the sight of blood and usually hope it is somebody else’s. But this game is fantastic for bringing people together – of all types, incomes and classes.

It is the game where the options – to kick, pass, run are infinite and flexible and endless – and despite the bumps it is generally safe and enjoyable. That first beer after a game is pure nectar. The fact that I have survived one more game, one more season, and still want more is a deep pleasure

Rich 1981 KRFC
running rings round the opposition

. Here’s to the next 50 years!

1963-66 Durban Preparatory High School, South Africa         1966-69 Mount Pleasant High School, Salisbury, Rhodesia               1970-74 Island School, Hong Kong
1974-1977 University of London King’s College, UK
1978-1984 Kowloon Rugby Football Club, Hong Kong            
1984-1986 Harvard Business School, Boston, USA
1987-1996 Kowloon Rugby Football Club, Hong Kong
1996-2004 Oundle Rugby Football Club, UK. Life Vice-President.
2004 Harvard Business School Old Boy’s Rugby Association, motto ‘Ve-ri-old’, UK tour.
2013 Harvard Business School OB Rugby, 50th Anniv. Boston, played in Harvard Stadium                     2015 Harvard Business School OB, Twickenham (nearby) vs. London Irish Vets
2004-to date Kowloon Rugby Football Club, Hong Kong. 40th Anniversary. Kowloon Beavers.
2004-to date The Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Football ClubRich rugby 5 June 10 h

Celebrating my 53rd season of playing rugby.

Played every season, scored a try every season (until I aged a little). Ambitions to play in the first team ended around 2001 – but I’ve played for most other teams down the bottom of the scale – most often in the Veterans.


Rich and Ieuan lite
British and Irish Lions Legend;  Ieuan Evans on the right…

Two Rugby Legends                                                … and two more…

Rich and Gareth May 13 lite
Rich (left), and Gareth Edwards (right)