What we do

What we do

We have two areas of focus:


(i) Asset management business building strategy, advice and execution; regulation and M&A;

(ii) as a global financial expert witness to the Law Courts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the UK and the U.S. 

Both sides are self-reinforcing – the investment side makes us current in the industry so that we can provide expert evidence to the Courts; and the expert side keeps our technical and analytical skills fresh.



Richard Harris and his network of specialised experts have many decades of investment business building experience in Asia.

Richard’s strategy is to spend about half his time in the investment world and half as an expert – to remain current. To that end, Mr. Harris is fully licenced by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission as a Director and is a Responsible Officer for a European fund management firm.

We advise investment managers and private banks on their business strategies regarding Chief Investment Officer duties, entering the Asian markets, the local regulation, and how to market your products.  We get involved in entrepreneurial ventures in the investment management and banking industries as consultants in the solution of complex challenges. if necessary, we will get our hands dirty in the execution of a plan.

The investment side provides the freshness and currency to the expert advice.  RH CNA 160103The expert advice provides a continuing analytical discipline that helps to interpret market movements.  On the investment side (and you can read in depth here), we are one of the leading commentators in Asia on global financial markets, and are quoted in the press and media several times a week.

Expert Witness

As financial experts, we cover a whole range of financial issues from the highly sophisticated to the merely  detailed and have done so since 2008.  Mr. Harris is now one of the foremost independent Financial Experts in the Asian region.

Most recently this has included a highly complex derivative case; an equally detailed calculation of quantum (incorporating both actual and implied market data); as well as a newly-hatched margin trade dispute of significant value.

Richard Harris has been appointed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission on many high-profile cases in the last six years.  He has given evidence in Court in Singapore and Hong Kong, and has provided advice in London, as he worked for 13 years in licensed positions the City.  He also has provided training about experts in Sydney, and has given evidence in cases shown to him by counsel in Tokyo and New York.

Finance is global so that many of the financial case types that we have considered have also arisen in London and Dubai legal circles.  As well as providing evidence in Court and Tribunal, we can also appear in Arbitration and Mediation cases.

We typically appear as Independent Experts – but we can also act as a HK judiciary‘dirty witness’ / expert adviser to a particular side.  A clear declaration of how an expert is operating is always given.

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