Who we are

Who we are

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.18.57 PMPort Shelter is a consulting investment management firm that provides strategy, advice and experience to institutional and private client businesses, and the legal community.

Our strategy is to spend half our time in the investment world; and half as an expert – to remain current in both sectors.

The firm was established by Richard Harris in 2008 who has nearly 40 years in the investment and banking industries.  We utilise the knowledge, experience and execution skills of a network of highly seasoned professionals – based in Asia.   Richard himself is one of few experienced independent financial expert witnesses in Asia, who also has long experience in Europe and the US.

The strategy is to spend about half our time in the investment world; and half as an expert – to remain current in both sectors. This strategy is unique in Asia.

This bank of talent is available for consulting appointments and is a cost-effective way to provide solutions to your investment business issues.


Mr. Harris has built investment businesses all over Asia – and several countries in Europe, over the last 40 years, which has given him strong execution skills to ‘get the job done’.  He advises and consults to investment managers on investment and banks on complex management issues.

His expertise is very wide ranging – having been a stockbroker, fund manager and private banker, involved with sales, trading, investment management and banking.  With his experience, our consulting provides real value for money – even if it avoids a client wasting money.

Mr Harris has over 20 years specialisation in building / turning around financial businesses in Asia and Europe and has proven Board experience (including in China).  He has worked at Citigroup, Jardine Fleming (now J.P. Morgan), Newton (BNY Mellon) and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken.  Mr. Harris established and ran an investment manager

He is one of most widely recognised and financial commentators in Asia.  He appears weekly on global television (including Bloomberg, CNBC, Channel New Asia and Al Jazeera). Mr. Harris is a weekly columnist for the SCMP and is published in the Financial Times and the China Daily.  Richard is a Presenter of the daily, prime-time money show on Radio Television Hong Kong. He has become a sought-after speaker, moderator and chairman for industry conferences. 

Port Shelter Ltd. itself does not engage in regulated activities and is therefore not regulated by the SFC.

Expert Witness

Mr. Harris has reviewed evidence in a very wide range of financial cases as an independent financial expert witness.  This has recently included a very complex derivative case; an equally complex calculation of quantum (incorporating both actual and implied market data); as well as margin trade disputes of significant value.

Richard has been appointed by the HK Securities and Futures Commission on many high-profile market misconduct cases in recent years.  He has given evidence in Court in Singapore and Hong Kong, and has reviewed cases from London (after his many years working in the City), New York and Tokyo.

As independent experts by definition work largely alone, Richard has developed a peer network of  specialist colleagues who are able to assist by providing either a peer review of his work in critical cases, or indeed to operate as experts in their own right where their expertise is more relevant.  Some of these colleagues may be seen here.

Mr. Harris began his career as a Chartered Engineer and was awarded the Institution of Civil Engineer’s prize for the best young engineer of 1982.   Richard holds a First Class BSc from LSE/ King’s College, London; a MSc in Eng. Geology from Imperial College, London; he is a Harvard MBA; and holds certificates from Peking University and Stanford Business School.

Richard Harris is a full Practising Member of the Academy of Experts, London.

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