An Indian Korma

Feeding an Indian adviser with regulated investment management product.


A bank wished to develop its investment advisory business in India (Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai) from scratch using their specialist global brand name.


There were a growing number of local employees who required regulated products to recommend to clients in a professional and objective manner, in line with global standards.  The market was bullish so the project had to be delivered in record time and management were under great pressure.


A full range investment package was developed from original research, to product launches, to back office systems.  I acted as the Chief Investment Officer and ran an Investment Committee that drove the investment policy.  We reviewed the macro position of India domestically, within a backdrop of global economics.  From there, we developed strategic model portfolios and then tactical model portfolios all developed from domestic Indian product; and all researched in depth for selection and recommendation.  The product that we developed could be advised separately and also in terms of whole portfolios.

Also driven by my investment committee, which provided a useful ‘road map’ for the evolution of the project, I trained the bankers in global investment techniques and policies; I had the broker research approved for distribution to clients; and incorporated this back into the investment policy.  I also designed pitch documents and marketing material for the investment process and beta-tested them on prospects and clients. Finally a systemised asset allocation advisory system was developed for more precise and compliant recommendations by the client advisers.


The business is today growing very strongly and recruiting aggressively, which it could only do in India by being in a strong position in terms of its products, regulation and compliance.

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